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"I started training with Naomi back in May 2019. I had dabbled in various forms of exercise in the past, never really sticking with anything and feeling at a bit of a loss with my confidence and strength. I was struggling with back pain and body image after having a baby, and really wanted someone to teach me how to weight train so that I could both alleviate the pain and feel more empowered. 2.5 years later and I am not only stronger than I've ever been, but Naomi has taught me so much about technique, programming and how to push myself. Something I've really appreciated is how easily she has been able to adapt our sessions or movements around times where I've been sleep deprived or experiencing various aches and pains- I've always felt that I'm in safe hands and progressing at a pace that is appropriate while still being challenging. I believe this has been a big key to my success; in the past I've overdone things or ignored niggling pain and then ended up injured and giving up on exercise.

I'm so grateful for the guidance, encouragement and education that Naomi has provided, my life would be very different without it. It goes without saying that I'd highly recommend working with her."


I started training with Naomi almost 4 years ago  Previously I had done a mix of exercise classes, going to the gym (occasionally) and running. I didn’t really know what to expect from seeing Naomi every week other than a vague idea of getting fitter. We chatted through some options and I decided that I wanted to focus on strength, balance and posture. Naomi is a great coach – she has a gift for getting the level of challenge just right and a supportive and encouraging style – with lots of fun as well.  She is a great judge of when to praise and when to make corrections. I know that a ‘well-done!’ or ‘nice Andrew’ means something. Looking back on almost 4 years of PT with Naomi I feel I have got so much more from it than I initially expected. At 59 years old I am stronger than I have been at any point in my life, I know my flexibility and posture have improved enormously. I have much more body awareness and balance which transfer into my other activities of climbing, cycling and skiing.  Over 4 years, each session has been tailored towards reaching my goals  - which shows the care and detail she puts into planning.  The weekly ‘check-in’ of PT is a great motivator to make progress and I look forward to every session. If you are unsure about PT I would encourage you to contact Naomi and I am confident that you will discover one of the very best ways to spend an hour of your week.


As someone who struggles to find the motivation to exercise regularly, Naomi has proved to be an inspired choice and the reason why I’m still going strong (pun intended) over a year later. 


She is a rare breed of PT. Not only a true role model for fitness but also very much a human being, with the empathy and compassion to encourage and motivate while also pushing you (really really) hard.


Naomi’s knowledge is immense and her ability to explain the ‘what/why/how’ is fantastic. If you’re looking for a new PT or could do with the right support to get going, you’ll be hard pushed to find better than Naomi.


I have been seeing Naomi for two and a half years now and it is the best thing I have done. My strength, mobility, balance and all round fitness have improved so much.  Naomi's knowledge of the human body and skill and patience in understanding me as a person means that workouts in the gym are individually tailored to get the most out of the session using the best technique. Its always challenging and always a joy to see her.

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